In the William Shakespeare Room (F2K): Lesson 2 Activating the Senses

I was so behind on posting this lesson because I procrastinated eventhough I had the seed of Part 2 firmly lodged in my brain. Getting it onto paper was torture. But I did. Part 2 is based on a sort-of true incident.


Part 1

1. The music from the live band mingled with the chatter of the patrons at the bar.

2. They turned the corner and I resorted to following their shadows cast on the road.

3. I thrust my hand into the pockets of the jacket I borrowed from him and felt the crinkle of paper in the right pocket.

4. I removed the cherry lip gloss from my purse, touched up my lips then licked them, savouring the tart sweetness of cherry.

5. Tobacco smoke lingered at the table I occupied, perhaps from its previous occupant.

6. It was three songs ago that I’d ordered another beer but still no one came to deliver it.

7. The seating was crowded together that everytime I moved, I bumped into the person behind me.

8. The road forked and you have no idea where each path led.

Part 2

The sun had just set when I found myself sitting at the Drunk Monkey, a quaint street bar at the corner of Carpenter Street and Bishopsgate Lane. I was looking forward to savouring the citrusy notes of my favourite beer and to speculate about the personal lives of the pedestrians ambling along the narrow lane filled with boisterous watering holes and tacky souvenir shops. The owners of the bar had strung up fairy lights above the seating area which cast a soft glow on the patrons of the bar. It was almost romantic. Almost. I traced the condensation racing down the beer bottle, lifted it and tilted my head back, allowing the cool liquid to slide down my throat. The luscious scent of Buffalo wings from the next table wafted towards me and my stomach growled with appreciation. I lifted my hand, attempting to catch the attention of the wait staff to order my own portion of Buffalo wings when a familiar figure appeared along Carpenter Street. Benjamin. I smiled, hopped off my high stool and started racing towards him. He’d told me he was having dinner at work! I neared him then stopped. He was with a woman, one I’d never seen before, and they were holding hands.

(WC 209)


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