In the William Shakespeare Room (F2K): Lesson 1 Character Introduction

I’ve always used the F2K session as an opportunity to ‘exorcise’ issues that I’m working through. So it came as to no surprise that I decided to focus my writing assignments around what I’m going through (or not going through) with regard to Benjamin.


I remember the moment I was born.

It was a Thursday afternoon, approximately 3 weeks ago. Amelia was at her favourite Chinese restaurant, Chatterbox, having egg foo yung fried rice and iced Chinese tea. Mid-way through the meal, after watching a couple at the next table argue in hushed tones and erratic hand gestures, she reached into her bag, pulled out her notebook and a pen and gave birth to me.

She named me Benjamin and according to what Amelia scribbled in her notebook, I’m going to have an affair with a woman named Elyse. Or Eva. Amelia hasn’t quite decided what to name her yet, only that the name starts with an ‘E’.

I’m wondering now if I’m the right person to introduce Amelia. After all, I’m quite new in her life and my story only consists of a few hastily written paragraphs. I’ve looked around for the other characters Amelia created before me, wondering who’ll introduce her this session of F2K but strangely enough, they’re all silent, much to Amelia’s dismay. Since there isn’t anyone else, even Elyse/ Eva is hiding somewhere, I suppose it’s up to me then to share what I know so far about my creator.

These are some of the things I’ve learnt about Amelia.

She names her characters after actual people in her life. For example, I am named after a Benjamin that Amelia met when she started her new job at a university a few months ago. Apparently, she has a love-hate relationship with the real Benjamin which I fear may spill over to my story. That’s also something else I learnt, Amelia tends to write stories that mirror events in her own life.

My story is the first story she’s written in months and Amelia could not be happier at this turn of events. She has been struggling to write but nothing came to her and the characters she created previously had nothing to say to her. Writer’s block didn’t stop Amelia from carrying around a notebook though. Just in case.

Hmmm…what else have I discovered about Amelia? Oh! She reads at least three books at the same time. Different moods require different books; I’ve heard her mumble to herself. I’ve seen her read all types of books – from self-help to fantasy to the classics. I wonder what genre my story will turn into; I think I can pull off swashbuckling. I don’t like that I’m having an affair and I hope that Amelia will change her mind about me.

I wish I could tell you more about Amelia but I too am still discovering her quirks. Anyway, I’m not sure if you’ll see me this F2K session; Amelia hasn’t quite decided it seems. I really hope so though, this classroom sounds like it’s filled with fun folks!

(WC 467)

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