Dream Come True

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Soundtracks from my life’.


“Dream Come True” by Frozen Ghost, released in 1989.

Circa 2002, I discovered the Anita Blake books and devoured each one that was published at the time. That was 10 books back-to-back. By the end of that reading spree, I was extremely immersed in the main character’s universe, otherwise known as the Anitaverse (to fans of the books) and wanted more of Anita’s story.

That’s when I scoured the world wide web and found Anita Blake fan fiction! Again, I devoured every Anita Blake fan fiction I could find. Then, I stumbled on a thread in the numerous Anitaverse forums I frequented discussing possible soundtracks to the books, if the books had a soundtrack and that’s how I came to know about Dream Come True by Frozen Ghost. This isn’t the typical sort of music I listened to but when I played it and read the passages it was supposed to correspond to, well, I was enthralled.

The notion of music to enhance a movie is well known but music to enhance a book, this was the first time I had such an experience, it made reading the books transcendent.

This song is on my playlist under “Anitaverse” and when I re-read the Anita Blake books, I put it on play and get immersed and return to 2002.


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