It’s almost April already???

What happened to January and February??? People say “Time flies when you’re having fun”, well, let me tell you “Time flies when you’re twiddling your thumbs” too.

I’ve been writing, yes, I have. Not all of my writings have been of the fiction sort rather I’ve been writing letters. I’m just on the back end of InCoWriMo where I wrote to 26 strangers around the world. When I say writing, I mean handwritten letters. It has been a meaningful activity and interestingly enough, generated more than a handful of story ideas.

Anyway, April. A to Z Challenge time. I’m in! I realise that I’m strangely creative during this month and naturally want to encourage that creativity to grow as it’s been winter for me creativity-wise.

23rd March is Theme Reveal day for the challenge and I think I may already have a theme πŸ™‚


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