Wedding Woes and Wails

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Dearest me who will be Maid of Honour at our sister’s nuptials,

Brace yourself. Remain steadfast.

Our sister will get married in 3 weeks and the preparations, the wedding, the reception after, gosh, even the hen’s night itself will be a super-doozy and will leave you wishing fervently, whole-heartedly, that she’ll elope, far, far away.

Your strategy to attempt to remain zen during the run-up to the big event will be to not know too much about the wedding details, to just go with the flow and to just do what you’ll be ask to do. It’ll be less stressful this way, you’ll think to yourself.

Sadly, no.



Despite the fact that you’ll be overwhelmed at work, despite the fact that your head will be filled with a gazillion non-wedding details and the reality that you’ll need to fill it with a gazillion wedding details will make you cringe and ache inside, the fact remains that you’ll need to make some room in your crowded head with wedding details. For your sanity, you’ll have no choice.

This will mean that you’ll have to take some small charge during the wedding because the inefficiencies accumulated during the wedding will multiply and if you want to avoid managing the shambles while you’re in your Maid of Honour outfit with your heels off so you can move quicker, you’ll have to take an interest.

You’ll have to organise the men who will come to put up the tents and the lights.

You’ll have to make sure that the food is properly identified for your brother-in-law’s family.

And, ACK! you’ll have to make sure that you stop at one shot glass of langkau.

You’ll have to do all this, or else you’ll be woe-ing and wailing about your sister’s wedding for years to come…and frankly, that’ll be so unattractive.


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