Underestimating the Uncanny ability required to pack Undergarments

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Dear young-adult me,

Pretty soon, your life will be filled with suitcases and packing nightmares. You’ll have to pack for half-day trips, day trips, week long trips offshore where a backpack full of clothes is preferred as opposed to a suitcase, trips where your work files take up more space than your own clothes and trips where you’ll need to wear coveralls for several days then rush to the airport to catch a flight where you’ll need to wear a suit for training.

Unfortunately, there’ll not be any courses you’ll be able to attend that’ll teach you how to pack appropriately which means you’ll be fumbling along as best as you can for the next couple of trips.

After several mediocre attempts at packing, you’ll eventually pick up the knack of packing, you’ll know how many blouses to bring and which blouse goes with which skirt/ pants. This will be a sign of success, in your packing-challenged eyes.

One thing you won’t be able to master though, is how to pack undergarments. You’ll try and try but everytime you’ll either pack dark undergarments and all your work clothes are light-coloured or you won’t pack enough. And the worst: you’ll forget to pack any. Eeeeek!

So, I urge you, please, please learn the art of packing undergarments, come up with an excel spreadsheet or download an app. This will reduce the number of times you’ll have to do an emergency undergarments run to the nearest convenience store. Saves you money and ugly undergarments.

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