Spine-tingling SMSes

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Hey there 28-year-old me (yes, apparently 28 is an eventful year for you!),

Tom will organise a trip to a turtle conservatory in a few weeks and you’ll be over the moon to be able to finally do some volunteer work. I have to give you a heads-up though, your excitement will wane slightly, actually, your excitement will drop to zero when you start receiving SMSes from one of Tom’s friends who you’ll later discover will also be on the trip. I’m sort of breaking the rules here by including the actual SMSes but I feel that you’ll be more prepared and will understand the seriousness of my warning once you read a few of them.

The SMSes will start innocently enough with Roy introducing himself as Tom’s friend and he’ll also apologise on Tom’s behalf for forcing Tom to give your mobile number to him. Initially, you’ll feel slightly flattered that anyone would go through all that trouble but you’ll pretend annoyance, and respond with what you’ll hope is a witty reply. Then, you’ll tell yourself that the messages will end there because surely, your reply will be too witty for Roy to decipher.

Sadly, no. The week before the trip, Roy will send you another message:

Hope u can make it 4 sat. Wanted 2 surprise u that m coming. Its a good group going on sat. Keeping my fingers crossed that u can make it! Take care.

You’ll truly be surprised by the fact that he’ll be at the conservatory, and your spine will start tingling. You will not reply hoping your silence is enough of a hint to Roy that his SMSes are not welcome. Roy will not give up because another message will come:

Hi! How r u? Are u coming 2 malacca? Hope 2 cu 2nite or 2moro! Can’t wait, hehehe.

The hehehe at the end of that message will send your tingling spine on overdrive and you will dread the weekend of volunteering. You’ll also wonder how in the world you always seem to attract strange characters.

To avoid these spine-tingling SMSes, do not give your phone number to Tom. Or if you have to give him a number since he’ll need to contact you about the volunteering work, give him your sister’s number instead.

Spine-tingling SMSes begone!


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