Quelling the Queasiness

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Hello 26-year-old me,

You’ll be checking out of the hotel soon and the client will arrange a taxi to the helipad where you’ll catch a helicopter to the offshore platform. This will not be your first helicopter ride, but the boat transfer to another neighbouring platform will be your first.

As far as you’ll be aware, you’re not seasick and hence assume that you’ll not need any anti-seasickness pills for the 30 minute journey between the platforms. You’ll be wrong.

The seas will be rough and the boat crew will suggest you stay in one of the air-conditioned cabins. Do not take their suggestion, you’ll be better off in the open air with the wind blowing in your face. If you stay in the cabin, you’ll find nausea building up and the next thing you’ll remember is running to the unisex toilet and hurling into the toilet bowl. This will not be a pleasant thing to do when the boat is swaying up and down and back and forth because as you hurl, your head will hit the side of the toilet bowl and you’ll have a slight headache.

Your client will rush into the cubicle next to yours and you will have the uncomfortable experience of listening to him puke his guts out. You will not be able to remove this image from your mind in the following days as you discuss professional issues. This will not make the discussion comfortable for you.

So, the lesson here, buy the anti-nausea pills before you head out and ingest them as prescribe. And do not go into the air-conditioned cabin and stay out on the deck where the fresh air will invigorate you, not nauseate you.


3 thoughts on “Quelling the Queasiness

  1. OMG had this happen on boat to Capri in super tough waters. One other passenger and I were only ones not violently ill. It was an excruciating ride fir all invilved. Take the pills even if you think you won’t get seasick. Trust me!!


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