Ogling the un-Ogle-able

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Dear younger me,

In your not-quite-short life, your path will cross with several un-Ogle-ables, a term you’ll come up with for boys/ guys/ men who are ogle-worthy but not someone you can ogle to the fullest of your ogle abilities due to a myriad of reasons i.e. he’s attached, you’re attached or you’ve only just met him and have no idea if you’ll see him again and would ogling him be a worthy endeavour.

I’m advising you now, just ogle away and you should start with these lost ogle opportunities.

Un-Ogle-able #1: Kam, cute fencer guy with a brighten-your-day kinda smile and a dry sense of humour. Reason(s) for un-Ogle-ability: You’re attached when you meet Kam. Reason(s) you should ogle anyway: He’s fit (hello, lunges!), he’ll make you giggle even when you’re supposed to be serious and try to win the match and he won’t blink an eye at sharing your fencing mask eventhough it will be drenched with your not-so-awesome perspiration.

Un-Ogle-able #2: David, strapping Brit from a 3-day course you’ll attend. Reason(s) for Un-Ogle-ability: He’s a strapping Brit and strapping Brits will tend to make you tongue-tied. Reason(s) you should ogle anyway: He’ll speak with you every chance he’ll get, eventhough it’s just about the weather and when he does, he’ll say your name (Yes! He’ll utter your name!) in his British accent which will leave you in a puddle of goo.

Un-Ogle-able #3: Colin who co-owns the coffeeshop downstairs in the same building as your future office. Reason(s) for Un-Ogle-ability: He has a girlfriend and…wait, you will totally ogle Colin and in fact, you’ll also ask him out for lunch (psssst…please don’t procrastinate and do it ASAP). Good job, girl!

Ogling is fun, you’ll regret not getting your fill of ogling, so my advise little grasshopper, go forth and ogle!

6 thoughts on “Ogling the un-Ogle-able

  1. It was strange to read all about your sad experiences in #N, and then you being on the opposite end of that drama here. But, I guess if all ends well… 😛


  2. This is so whimsical and funny. My friends and I have always been oglers, and even watch out for “ogles” that will appeal to them but not to me: Ogle away, I say!!


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