Nice is Not Necessarily Necessary

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Dear younger me,

Throughout your life, you’ll endeavour to be nice. It will be a challenging endeavour. Most of the time, your effort at nice will be rewarded (YAY!) but there will be times when it won’t (BOO!). I’d like to just highlight some instances when it’ll be wise to not be so nice.

5-year-old me: Mummmy will pack Maggi Mee instant noodles for your tea time snack tomorrow, Oliver will steal your packed noodles and proceed to gobble it down. You will be so shocked, start crying and he will continue eating. Stop crying. Wrestle him for the noodles and have a wonderful tea time snack. It is your right.

18-year-old me: Do not be nice and give your best friend from high school the benefit of the doubt and let her go onto the balcony with him. Tell her that there’s a stain on her dress and while she goes to the ladies room to check it out, drag him to the balcony and profess your love for him. You deserve love.

26-year-old me: You have her email address from Aaron’s email account that is actually your email account that you allowed him to use. You’ll want to email her and harass her for stealing someone else’s boyfriend but will resist because you believe that karma will handle her. YOU are karma. Email her and tell her what a douchebag your now-ex is. Then put her email address on every porn/ dodgy dating sites you can think of so her inbox will be flooded. Revenge is good for the soul.

So, dear younger me, be nice (in general) but not to those who will not deserve it. Gan batte 🙂

8 thoughts on “Nice is Not Necessarily Necessary

  1. I feel so bad about the last one… Yikes. I’m one of those people that are overly nice (typically ending in stalkery types, like last weekend)…. but, merrr. Not going to stop being nice to people for a few bad apples. :/


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