Keep a Kitten

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Letters to my younger self’.


Dear 25-year-old-me,

One of the things you’ll miss most when you’re in Toronto is having pets. It will be slightly difficult to adjust from being surrounded by pets to suddenly not having any around at all.

True, during your first year, you weren’t allowed to keep any pets since you lived on campus but since you’ll be living off campus soon with Rafaella, it is likely she won’t mind if you decide to adopt a teensy kitten.

You’ll think that you’ll be okay without any pets around but will realise that you feel pet-deprived especially when you visit Lynne and spend more time with her cat instead of with her. The loneliness of not having pets will persist when you’ll try to tame the squirrels that clamber up and down the pear tree on the patio by leaving store-bought nuts for them. When the raccoon activates the motion sensor light at night, you’ll jump and open your curtains just to catch a glimpse of a furry animal.

So, if Rafaella is okay with you keeping a pet, go ahead and get a kitten. It’ll be a good decision, you’ll see 🙂

19 thoughts on “Keep a Kitten

  1. Oh did you get a kitten? Did you? We adopted two cats a year ago (I did my K post on Kitties too – I’d say jinx, but I imagine there will be a fair few others 😉 ), best decision ever. I don’t think I could go back to being cat-less again.

    By the way, just to let you know when I tried to reach your blog from clicking on your wordpress profile when you had left me a comment on my blog – it said your blog was private so I couldn’t view it. (I came here through twitter this time 🙂 ) Just thought you should know as there might be other people like me who couldn’t access your blog! Following you now so no more issues there! 🙂


    • Hi Celine – thanks for the heads up re: the fact that folks may have been re-directed to my private blog. I’ve so many that I may have screwed up the settings but I think I fixed it! 🙂

      And no, I didn’t get a pet at the time but I really, really wished I did! And thanks for the follow!


  2. I would love to chat with the 25 year old me. I’d have so much advice – I wouldn’t want to change my life, but I would sure like to alleviate a lot of the stress and worry. 🙂


    • Hi Kimberly – I wouldn’t want to change too significantly the experiences I went through as well and yes, if I really could send letters to my younger self, it’d be to reduce stress/ worry and to console 🙂


  3. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful A to Z theme. What a wonderful idea. And I love this post. makes me want to get a kitten right now (which wouldn’t take much as I’ve been wanting a kitten for months). Wonderful post. Happy A to Z.


  4. Everyone needs a kitten. Well, ok, maybe not everyone (people that might die from being near it from allergies for example), outside of them, everyone should have a little ball of happiness and love. I love mine, although would love it he was not quite as vocal or demanding. Boots has a specific meow that I have been told he only uses when I am present and it sounds like “Mom.” Highly amusing!


    • You named your cat Boots??? That is so cute! LOL I’m definitely a cat person and I totally agree that everyone needs a kitten too haha Thanks for dropping by!


      • He actually came with the name, but it fots, so we kept it. Poor guy was abandoned at my last clinic and had a broken jaw that did heal properly. He is a survivor though and saw me for the sucker I am and coerced his way into our home! 🙂


    • I was twiddling my thumbs quite a bit and stalking strange cats in the neighbourhood when I was without a cat. So, instead of being the crazy cat lady, I was the crazy NO-cat lady 😦


  5. But also: Work harder on domesticating those squirrels because you never know when it would be handy to have an entire species at your beck and call. I mean, in case the other major in college doesn’t work out.


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