It’s my A to Z Theme Reveal Day!

Well, here in Malaysia it’s been A to Z Reveal Day for a couple of hours already and here it is. TA DAAAA!!!

A to Z theme 2014I’ll be writing letters of advice/ warning/ updates to my younger self which I think is a wonderful opportunity for me to also realise how much has changed and despite everything that has happened that I have learnt from my experiences (good/ bad).

And yes, I had a burst of inspiration and decided to make a sort of banner/ card/ thingamajig with my theme on it 🙂 Now, to read what other bloggers will be blogging about!


11 thoughts on “It’s my A to Z Theme Reveal Day!

  1. Very nice work on your banner, and don’t we all wish our younger selves had just a tad more wisdom and understanding of what’s important and how to weave our way through the days. Should be interesting to read your letters to yourself. See you in April!


  2. This is a great, unique idea. I’ve always liked the ‘write letters to younger me’ things. I did a couple of them a while ago, but younger me never responded so I stopped all contact.


  3. That is in indeed a good idea, great concept. If only we could really do that, but even if we could, and our younger selves actually took the advice, would we still have letters of correction to write when we’re older? The fun is endless, and I look forward to you’re A-Z posts!


  4. I think it would take longer than 26 days for me to write advice to my younger self! I imagine that some would be a little embarrassing to share with the world too lol.


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