Finally, an A to Z theme!

The past two A-to-Zs, I had no problem coming up with possible themes but this year, when I signed up and tried to come up with a theme…well, my mind was a blank. And everyday since, whenever I contemplated possible themes, again, my mind was not co-operating. I told myself that if I couldn’t come up with a reasonable theme, I’d pull out of A to Z.

Then, last weekend, driving back from buying a takeaway dinner, rain pummeled my car, an idea flashed into my mind.

My theme!

…which will be revealed during the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal on the 21st of March πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Finally, an A to Z theme!

  1. That was a good one. Now I am waiting for your theme reveal. And hey I too would be revealing the theme on 21st. 4 days to go. Yay.

    I hope to see you around in the April ’14 A to Z Challenge.

    – Kripali
    (AJ’s wHooligans)
    Sumptuous Living


  2. Visiting from the A-Z <100 followers page.
    Is it really critical to have a theme? This is my first A-Z Challenge. I'm hoping to have a great time, theme or not.


    • Hi! Wait, there’s an AtoZ <100 followers page??? That is awesome! And to answer your question, personally, I found having a theme helpful as I wanted my posts to be focused since for me, doing AtoZ is an opportunity to practice my writing πŸ™‚ And I'm sure you'll have a wonderful AtoZ!


      • I have daily themes already that I don’t want to mess with and so creating a further theme beyond using a particular letter that day might be a little more to ask from me this first time. So I think I’ll stick with just the alphabet! Mine is more a photo blog.


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