In the Victoria Holt Room (F2K): Lessons 4 Conflict & 5 Characterisation

Confession: My Lesson 4 Conflict this session was my Lesson 4 Conflict from last F2K 😦

But my Lesson 5 Characterisation is BRAND NEW!


“I’ve been waiting for almost an hour, Jess. Where’ve you been?”

“Colin, I’m gonna have to skip our session today, I –“

“Wait, again??? You’ve skipped two sessions already! Keep this up and you’re not gonna get through the Trials!”

“The Trials are the least of my worries right now. Please, just let me go. I need to get grandfather’s lupong from the vault and I’ll be out of here.”

“You’re taking his medicine box? You can’t do that!  Your grandfather’s one of our most revered celestial manang and his lupong is one of our most sacred treasures; the Elders will never allow it.”

“And that’s why I’m not asking them, Col. It belongs to MY grandfather and by extension, to me. Let me through. NOW!”

“You’re not making any sense, Jess. Hey! Hey, look at me – have you been… crying?”


“I’m not letting you out of my sight until you spill about where you’re taking your grandfather’s lupong and why you’ve been crying. You never cry.”

“You don’t know me. And I HAVE cried. Just not when you’re around.”


“I think may hate you a little bit more right now.”

“I’ll live.”

“It’s Cass –“

“Your sister, Cass? If you’ve seen her, you have to tell the Elders, they’ve been trying to track her whereabouts for –“

“Colin! Do you want to hear what happened or not?”

“Whatever it is, it’s beginning to sound like we may need reinforcements.”

“It’s Cass. She walked into my dream last night. I don’t know how. She shouldn’t have been able to.”

“That’s gonna be a problem.”

“But Colin, that’s not what I’m worried about. She’s got grandfather trapped! In the spirit world!”

 (WC 283)


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