In the Victoria Holt Room (F2K): Lesson 3 POV

Strange, this lesson has never really stumped me but this time, it did. Nevertheless, I worked through that barrier and came up with this. I feel it’s still missing something though but I’m okay with that.


3nd Person POV

Colin had pushed Jess far beyond what she was used to that day. He’d directed her to hold the Veil open, a spiritual curtain that separated this world and the one in which spirits roamed, for varying durations until he was satisfied that she could keep the opening steady for anyone to move through safely. They’d repeated the exercise multiple times until rivulets of sweat flowed from her exertions and drenched her clothes. Her body had trembled from keeping still with both arms held in front of her. In the end, Jessana’s brain was pretty much fried and her fatigue, so intense, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Even though today was an accomplishment for her, Colin had reminded her that she was far behind in her training and that stabilizing the Veil was something that younger manangs-to-be could perform in their sleep.

2nd Person POV

You watched her body trembled as she expended her abilities to keep the opening in the Veil steady. You held yourself back from halting the exercise because you knew that she was strong enough. You’ve confidence in her power even though she didn’t. But, of course, you’ll never tell her this. She’s one of the most gifted manang you’ve ever encountered. She’s also one of the most annoying. You ran her through the exercise repeatedly until you were satisfied that she would be able to pull it off in an emergency. That’s when it’d mattered. Opening the Veil in a split second and hiding inside it before the Searchers located you. She impressed you but you didn’t let it show. She was the granddaughter of the most powerful manang in history and a complication that you didn’t need.   

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