In the Victoria Holt Room (F2K): Lesson 2 Activating the Senses

I’m usually the first to post this lesson in the classroom as it’s my favourite but somehow this time around, the procrastinator in me was too strong to overcome. Regardless, I did manage to punch out my 8 required sentences for each sense and a paragraph of less than 500 words that also has the 8 F2K-required senses – sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, time, space, unknown.

The paragraph was inspired by my recent trip to one of the temples in Angkor Thom. I was utterly mesmerised by the temple known as the Aerial Palace. Stories rushed through me as I stood within the 1000-year old ruin. Awesome.


Part 1

  1. The papery rustling of leaves and the faint rumbling of vehicles bring you back to the present.
  2. Your only guide in the dark is the dim flickering lights of the fireflies.
  3. A bead of sweat slithers down the side of your face, tickling you.
  4. There are leaves in your mouth, dried and earthy.
  5. You catch a whiff of rotted flesh and then it disappears.
  6. You think you’re in a pit somewhere in the forest but you’re not sure.
  7. You feel the earthen walls around you begin to close in.
  8. You open your eyes and the light from the hole above you is dimmer than it was earlier.

Part 2
I stood on the exposed terrace of the Aerial Temple, contemplating the crumbled limestone steps in front of me. Though I was on the second level, away from the crowd walking the grounds, faint tourist chatter still managed to reach me. The guide had explained that kings of long ago used to climb these steps which led to a gold tower room. Whether or not the gold tower room existed out of legend would remain a mystery because from my vantage point, there were only sandy limestone columns at the top. The steps were steep and there was no handrail to hold on to. The only way to reach the top was to crawl up on all fours. The early afternoon heat warmed my skin as I pondered the climb. I squared my shoulders, secured my rucksack across my body, popped a refreshing mint into my mouth and gripped the first step with my hand. Bits of limestone broke away. The cool January wind whipped my hair around my head, lightly flicking my face. I took a quick peek behind me and immediately regretted my action. I swayed a little and held on to the steps harder. I finally pulled myself up the last step and the scent of sandalwood assailed me. Was there someone else here? I peered around a fallen column adorned with carvings of demons and deities and an old woman, kneeling; clutching incense sticks turned her gap-filled smile my way. I returned it with what I hope was a sincere one. So this was where the legendary Snake Princess lived.


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