In the Victoria Holt Room (F2K): Lesson 1 Character Introduction

This lesson seems straightforward enough: Let one of your character’s (newly made or established) introduce you, its creator. Even then, I find it one of the most challenging because it has to be written from the POV of the character and your characteristics has to be woven into the piece as seamlessly as possible. This F2K session, I picked Colin to introduce moi because I can’t think of another character in my head that’s been there long enough to do the honours.


Amelia doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions. She thinks resolutions are unforgiving and only encourages people who make them, to break them almost immediately. Instead, she prefers to make Guidelines for the New Year – a roadmap to achieving her goals. For this new year, Amelia’s told all of us – the characters she’s written about and many others that she’s just gotten to know – that she’ll prioritise writing above other endeavours. Writing is her first love and first loves deserve time and attention. Her words, not mine.

And when she also announced that she signed up for another session of F2K, our excitement level went up many notches. This is because, some of us were born here, including me, and we are excited to be back.

Oh, I’m Colin, by the way.

Perhaps some of you may remember me from the last F2K session. I appeared in some of Amelia’s pieces about Jessana and her journey towards finding her identity as a Manang. Ameli decided that Jessana needed a love interest and I was born. The inspiration for me is a real-life Colin, a guy who owns the coffee shop she used to frequent near her office. She used to have a crush on him but not anymore. I know this because it used to be that my scenes with Jessana were ones where I was portrayed as the good guy and I had a scene teaching Jessana to dance. All wonderful scenes. But all of a sudden, I was portrayed as a betraying jerk and there was even a scene where Jessana defeated me in a fight and gloated about it! Me? Lose in a fight! Bah!

Anyway, Amelia was supposed to finish Jessana’s story last year during NaNoWriMo but this didn’t work out. Though she now does freelance work instead of working full time, unexpectedly, freelance work has been eating into her writing time. The thing about Amelia is that she often has a difficult time saying no and this has made her forget her writing.

Every day, she tells herself that tonight she’ll finish a chapter. And every night, she starts writing as much as she can before the pull of her bed becomes too strong to resist. That’s another thing about Amelia, she loves her bed. It’s plush and since some of her stories come to her in her dreams, it’s one of her most favourite places in the world.

Another reason Amelia can’t resist her bed is because she’s decreased her coffee intake. A self-confessed javaholic, she used to consume 4 to 6 cups a day, now it’s down to 1 to 2 cups. Her caffeine-deprived body is not happy but she tunes it out with yoga and meditation. And occasionally running around the park by her house.

Anyway, I’m not sure if you’ll see me this F2K session; Amelia hasn’t quite decided it seems. I really hope so though, I’ve a reputation to repair.

(WC 490)



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