F2K again, YAY!

It’s been a long 6 months since the last F2K session and now I’m in my 3rd round of this amazing writing course. I actually debated whether or not to join because I thought that I should be writing not perpetually joining writing classes. I read through all my posts here about F2K and realised that quite a number of stories that I’m proud of stemmed from writing prompts/ lessons during F2K! And so, I am here again. Eager.

This time I’m in the Victoria Holt room, a new room. Also this time, there are many other Malaysians in the course and I credit this to Cynthia’s and my excellent effort at badgering the others via FB! 😀

The first optional writing prompt is already up and I am already rubbing my hands together with glee.

Victoria Holt AKA Eleanor Hibbert

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