NaNoWriMo Days 7 + 8: WC 11516

I’m in a writer’s slump.

The scenes are in my head but somehow when I sit down to write them, they evaporate. The words I’ve managed to get out of me these past two days were forced words. I look back at them and go UGH! And with this UGH! my inner critic shows itself.

My inner critic – as I’ve discovered several years ago during a writing class – is a multiple-headed, fire-breathing hydra. Huge and fairly difficult to defeat once it rears its head. Or heads in this case.

With my inner critic ever-present, my story refuses to unfold, preferring to stay indoors instead of revealing itself. Which leaves me with nothing – or very little – to write.

I’m hoping that with Day 9 which is supposed to be an all-day writing marathon, that I can get back on track with Jess’ and Colin’s story. Actually, I was thinking that Jess may not be Jess any longer, but Halia.