NaNoWriMo Day 6: WC 10167


YAY! I broke the 10K barrier! Where’s the champagne?

Truly, I’m always amazed when I manage to hit 10K of a story. The same story. I realise now that with my attention span, I’m better at short fiction. I focus on that one short story, edit it to death and send it out into the world. Writing a full-length novel may not – to be brutally honest with myself – be my cup of tea.

For now.

It could just be that a novel-length story has not yet entered my life and it’s only vignettes or flash fiction or scenes.

But whatever format my writing takes, my takeaway is this – at least I’m writing.


Oh, and before I forget: Today’s pep talk from Catherynne Valente was awesome! My favourite part –

Write something true. Write something frightening. Write something close to the bone. You are on this planet to tell the story of what you saw here. What you heard. What you felt. What you learned. Any effort spent in that pursuit cannot be wasted. Any way that you can tell that story more truly, more vividly, moreĀ you-ly, is the right way.