almost nanowrimo already?


22 days till NaNo2013. Already. That was quick.

I’m just beginning to figure out what I’m going to be writing about this year – Jessana’s story. I had more time to sort of figure out some elements of her story when I was doing F2K and she’s itching to go. I need to do this outlining thing right though before I begin.

A fellow NaNo-er who has her act more together than I do already has her outline done and also a 2500 word synopsis. My reaction is “EEEEPP!”

Time to get to work.

Update: I wrote an itsy-bitsy synopsis to get the ball rolling before I outlined my WIP: 

“Jessana’s dead grandfather reappeared in her living room with a command that shatters her attempt at living the normal life she craves. She’s the next Manang, whether she wants to be or not because someone else wants all that power: her little sister.”

Next. A mood-altering playlist as per Maggie Stiefvater. 


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