In the Colin R Onstad Room (F2K): Lesson 2 Activating the Senses

This lesson in F2K will always be one of my favourites. And also the one that will cause me to pull out my hair. It’s a lesson in 3 parts – the first part is to write 8 sentences for each of the 8 senses, the second part is to write a cohesive paragraph which has all 8 senses in them and the final part is to read the text provided and to pick up the sentences that depicts the 8 senses. Part 3 is my least favourite.

This is my Part 2 sentence. I re-imagined it from a story that I started writing for Sharon’s class. It’s tentatively titled Oubliette.


I covered my ears to the roars and slurps which leaked through the doorway above me of men devouring fellow-men. It seemed as if the feasting was occurring right outside the door of the underground hurricane shelter I’d stumbled into. Copper tinged the air, assailing my olfactory glands. As if on cue, my stomach growled and I willed it to be silent. I realised then that I hadn’t had anything to eat since…gosh, since early yesterday. My hands still covering my ears, I stepped away from the door slowly, turned and took in my refuge. My eyes met dusty and cobweb-covered furnishings. I opened the wooden cabinet nearest to me and shrieked as my finger snagged on a protruding rusty nail. Blood bloomed from the injury and instinctively I placed the wounded finger into my mouth and sucked. Sweet.


The wooden door of the shelter shook, startling me.

(WC 149)

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