In the Colin R Onstad Room (F2K): Lesson 1 Character Introduction

This is one of my favourite lessons but also one of the most tricky ones. I say this because firstly, I have to decide which character to use to introduce me and at the same time, to ensure that the character’s voice is clear, consistent and unique.

Lesson 1: Have a character you have created tell us a little about you. Have them give us a view of you that we wouldn’t normally see (why they think you created them, how they feel about you, what you put them through in your writing, etc.) If you haven’t already created a character, then go ahead and create one for this assignment. 

I had to go with Jessana the Manang-to-be for this Lesson because obviously she’s a character that I want to develop further and the F2K would be the perfect opportunity to do that. I’ve also consciously tried to differentiate the lesson from the last time I did this lesson (In the Madeleine L’Engle Room (F2K): Lesson 1 Character Introduction)

I hope I did the lesson justice!


Amelia squirms and mumbles in her sleep. It’s been like this for most of her life. I try to comfort her but I suppose she’s not aware that I’m there; hovering at the edge of her subconscious. To her, I’m only one of the characters she’s birthed and among all the characters she’s written about, I’m one of the newest. Perhaps some of you may even remember me. She first introduced me in her Lesson 6 story from the last F2K session. I’m Jessana.

Since then, she’s written about me, in bits and pieces, but none of the stories, unfortunately, are complete.

The reason why she hasn’t been writing was that she’s been hard at work. She was quite used to racking up more than 50 hours a week; toiling away at reports. As she did this, stories raced across her brain but when she got home, she couldn’t even bear to look at the computer screen anymore and so the stories stayed in her head and in her heart.

But change is on the horizon. She recently switched from being in a full-time job to working as a freelancer and though her friends told her that she was brave to take that step, she felt anything but brave. Truth be told, she had never felt so afraid in her entire life. In fact, this is probably why her sleep is a disturbed one. She worries a lot; my creator. Elise, another character that Amelia wrote about before (and who is slowly becoming one of my best friends) mentioned this to me too.

Amelia alternates between being a night owl and someone who wakes up hours before dawn. She writes best when she’s surrounded by silence. And her best writing pieces have always been about something she’s experienced personally.

Which is probably why she created me.

You see, Amelia is descended from a witch doctor on her father’s side and has always found herself in unexplained situations of the paranormal bent though she underplays this as often as she can. Being a scientist, she’s often at war with herself about the existence of beings that can’t be explained by science which she encounters from time to time. Through me, she’s able to write about these experiences which have helped her understand her own reactions to these `unique’ happenstances.

She’s shared with me that she wants to complete my story before the year ends. I’m excited and look forward to having my tale told. She’s also discreetly mentioned that I will have a love interest, Colin. I remember blushing when she mentioned this to me. I’m indescribably shy and will probably have no idea how to behave like a rational human being in the presence of the muscled, tattooed biker named Colin.

Until my entire story is told, I’ll guard her as she dreams and keep her safe there.

WC 478


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