Visiting the Madeleine L’ Engle Room (F2K): Optional Prompt #1

One of my objectives this F2K session was to do as many prompts as I could. So, after doing the prompt in the CRO room, naturally, I had to try the one in my old classroom. I was slightly surprised to see that it was the same prompt as the previous session but I was determined to interpret it differently this time. So, I came up with a paranormal, Jessana-themed twist to it. This was the prompt:

Picture yourself sitting in a car in a department store parking lot. You’re waiting for your friend, windows rolled down and music playing from the car radio. Suddenly, a man runs past your car, tosses a package on the seat beside you and keeps on running. In 500 words or less, what is in the package and what do you do with it?


It hummed. The bundle wrapped in nondescript brown paper was humming and…wait, was that faint tendrils of smoke emanating from it? Smoke that reeked of rotten eggs. Sulphur.

I immediately jumped out of the car searching for the mysterious stranger who’d run off after tossing the package in my car. That’s what I get for leaving the window down. Stupid broken AC.

I caught sight of a disappearing figure and shouted “Hey you! The man in ill-fitting jeans and Pepto Bismol pink t-shirt running away like a coward! Get back here, you!” So sue me, I like to be precise regarding who I’m yelling at.

Just as I was about to turn away, the mysterious stranger turned and smiled a smile that grew wider and wider until he began to resemble a demented clown; teeth multiplying in a mouth that doubled and then tripled in width. “What the…?”

And to my astonishment, he disappeared. Poof! Like he was never there to begin with. Goosebumps formed on my arms. And I was pretty sure that my goosebumps had goosebumps.

My body trembled as I got back into my car and I almost fled it again. The stench was overwhelming; I was on the verge of retching on my lap. I held my breath and reached for the offending package; ready to hurl it back out the window it came through.

The second my fingers came into contact with the brown bundle, the humming intensified and darkness engulfed my being.

You shouldn’t be here child.

That sounded like Grandma. But she’s…I gulped, taking a deep breath. Imdreamingimdreamingimdreaming…

Open your eyes, child. Don’t be afraid.

Too late.

I heard her chuckle. Did I say that aloud?

I can hear your thoughts and you can hear mine, Jessana.

I think I’ll have this conversation with my eyes closed then because Grandma, you do know that you’re…err…not of this world, right? Or am I going bonkers. Maybe that package contained a hallucinogen and I’m in my car right now, babbling like a bubbly brook.

I know I’m dead, dear, and technically, we’re not in your world. Well, not in your reality. We’re In Between.

In between…?

Worlds. We’re in between worlds.

Okay, I’m getting a headache.

Oh Jessana, you were always so dramatic. Listen to me, you need to open your hand and let the package go. It’s a conduit, it brought you here. It’s not time for you to be here. You’re not strong enough yet.

My eyes suddenly felt heavy like lead. I’m tired, Grandma.

Then let go.


I came to, slumped over in the driver’s seat of my car. I was drenched in sweat, the bundle no longer in my hand. Like the mysterious man with the ever-growing mouth full of scary teeth, the package had disappeared into thin air.


This was my interpretation of the same prompt last session.

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