Throw your heart over the fence

This post is part of the Blog Everyday in May challenge which unfortunately, I’m still racing to catch up with.

Day 8:  A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.


The piece of advice I have for others actually comes from a quotation that I try to follow as best as I can.

Basically, this advice is to encourage you to follow your passion. Cos when you do, happiness and all those yummy goodness that life has to offer, will follow you.

So many people I know live in fear. Fear of being poor. Fear of being forgotten. Fear of not being successful. But when you really grab hold of these fears and dissect them and peer into the heart of these black, hurtful things, you’ll realise that these fears don’t come from within you but are instead planted there through the expectations of others. They’re not your fears but someone else’s.

So, throw away your (other people’s) fears, throw your heart over the fence and like what NormanVincent Peale says, the rest will follow.

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