Help, need flirting lessons

This post is part of the Blog Everyday in May challenge which I’m starting a wee bit late. Since it’s already Day 10 and I just posted Day 6’s post, I’ve decided to attempt to post one current post and one late post per day to catch up. Hopefully.

Day 10: Most (recent) embarrassing moment. 


When I saw the guy I was crushing on outside a cafe, introduced myself to him and instead of batting my eyelashes or impressing him with my wit (“Oooo…what rounded biceps you have” *wink wink*), I pointed out a building contractor who wasn’t wearing a safety harness on the outside ledge of the second level of the building in front of us and said “Yikes! He should be wearing a safety harness! That’s a violation of the safety regulations!” 😦

Funny Flirting Ecard: I couldn't help noticing that you're mind-blowingly hot.
If only I said this 😉

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