5 Tips for a Fabulous Hen’s Nite

This post is part of the Blog Everyday in May challenge which I’m starting a wee bit late but hope to catch up eventually.

Day 2′s assignment is to educate visitors to this blog about something I know alot about or are good at.


  1. Have a theme. But don’t go over-the-top and choose one like ‘Dress as the Sexy Version of your Favourite Cartoon Character’ or ‘Sexy Disney Princesses’. Keep it simple and choose something like ‘Black’ because everyone who’s invited will not have time to shop for a costume.
  2. Get the Bachelorette to wear a feather boa. Preferably a hot pink one. After 2 (or maybe 5 apple-tinis), the Bachelorette will be so thankful that she stands out from the rest of the hens at the party because she’s the only one wearing a gradually thinning boa. She’s happy means a fabulous hen’s party.
  3. Don’t hire a stripper. It will not be a fabulous hen’s party when a fight breaks out among the hens (and Bachelorette) over who gets to take him home.
  4. Organise games that you’ll never play if you’re sober. Prep lots of different game cards with instructions like “Find a single guy in the bar who is wearing a tie, who has short hair and comes from <insert state here> and get his phone number” or “Form a conga line of 10 strangers and dance twice around the bar, the second time, backwards.” Complicated instructions always seem to elicit the most laughter. Another indication of good times and a fabulous hen’s party.
  5. Alcohol. LOTS of alcohol. Keep the <insert fruit here>-tinis flowing. When everyone gets up the next day and can’t remember what happened during the hen’s nite, everyone automatically assumes that they had a good time because if it wasn’t a good time then they’d remember it, right?

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