Y is for Yes to the MOH Dress

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


Not her speech, exactly.
Not her speech, exactly.

The Bride was super-specific about the dresses that the MOH and the Bridesmaid would wear – it had to be champagne, it had to be Grecian-style and it had to be less glam than the Bride’s dress.

With such strict guidelines, she told the Bride that the Bride should choose the dress for her and she’d wear whatever was chosen.

That was how she found herself in the mall that bright Saturday morning moving from one boutique to another, trying on whatever dress was thrust at her.

The first dress she tried on was long, sleeveless and most importantly, champagne in colour. She loved it. But the Bride said “Let’s go look at other options before we settle.”

And so they moved to the next store. And the next store. And the next.

And she tried on dress after dress after dress.

Going into dressing rooms, emerging only to be critiqued.

Your arms look large.

The dress is too sheer.

Too much boob. 

It’s not champagne enough.

It looks nicer than the wedding dress. 

Eventually, the dress they got (and bought) was the first dress she tried on.

Nearly two hours ago.


4 thoughts on “Y is for Yes to the MOH Dress

    • Hello Shirletta – Yes, Bridezillas demands…have to comply with them! Thank goodness, the alter-personality is transient LOL Thanks for stopping by!


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