U is for Uninspired at first

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


She probably gave her speech in cursive too
She probably gave her speech in cursive too

Her sister’s future mother-in-law had began drafting her speech a whole 24 hours before the reception.

Her future brother-in-law had already written his when she asked him about it.

Her father was freaking out and making jokes about when it would be his turn to give a speech. “If you can’t find me, I’ll be in the jungle,” he reminded her.

She didn’t know if the Best Man knew he had to give a speech.

She only knew she had to give a speech several weeks before when her sister announced “I read online that MOHs are supposed to give a speech at the reception. So, please prepare.”

Before she could react, her sister had moved on.

And now it was the start of the reception and she still had no clue what she was going to say. Should she mention about the first time she met her future brother-in-law which was at a diving trip and her sister dragged this guy along and she wondered who in the heck was this stranger? Her sister would probably not be too happy if she had that in her speech.

Her sister’s future father-in-law advised her that perhaps imbibing some liquor before her turn would prove inspiring. She scrunched her face at him when he handed her a shot glass filled with a clear liquid that she could smell from way over here. She took it and quickly gulped it down and proceeded to cough and sputter as the liquid burnt a trail down her throat.

Still, nothing. Nada. No words came.

Finally the faux Master of Ceremonies AKA the bass guitarist in the live band called her up to speak. Her dad had done a quick “Welcome everyone!”-type speech. Her sister’s mother-in-law read her speech from two sheets of A4 paper, it was funny and quirky. Her brother-in-law made her (and everyone else) in the crowd sniffle, tears pricking their eyes with his “My wife is the reason I’m here.” speech.

On that note, she began her speech by noting that it was tough luck that she had to follow her brother-in-law’s amazing speech. And after a pause, she realised that she did have something to say.

“I’m glad that my sister finally found someone who loves and will protect her because she deserves it. The first time I met my now brother-in-law was during a diving trip we took…” she began.


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