R is for Rehearsal

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


Thank goodness her sister didn't need this flowchart
Thank goodness her sister didn’t need this flowchart

In the end, there was no wedding rehearsal.

There was supposed to be one and it was scheduled for the 29th, a Friday. Her sister and fiance had met with the priest and as the priest looked through his schedule, they agreed on the 29th at 3pm to have the wedding rehearsal.

The week before, the priest called and said he had to reschedule. He’d forgotten. The 29th was Good Friday and he had a church service to conduct.

The rehearsal was rescheduled to the 27th, a Wednesday. Also at 3pm.

This was unfortunate as other than the Bride and Groom, no one else in the wedding party was in town then yet.

In the end, there was a wedding rehearsal. But not really. It was mostly the priest drawing diagrams on a piece of paper, theoretically explaining to the Bride and Groom what would happen when and who would be doing them. The wedding rehearsal was on that piece of paper.

Which the Bride and Groom later left behind in the church office.

Which explained why, on the wedding day, as the bridal party arrived at the church and she was arranging her sister’s dress outside the church doors, she heard music and turned to her sister and asked “Is that the wedding march? We’re not ready!”

And her sister shrieked softly “Yes, it is! Go! Go! Go!”

She picked up her dress and strode (almost ran) down the aisle and was going to sit in the front row pew, which was what her sister told her the bridal party would do and as her derriere almost touched the seat the groomsmen from across the way, shook his head and looked pointedly at where she was supposed to stand instead.

She took her place at the front of the church and looked down the aisle to see the Bridesmaid similarly dashing down the aisle because the music was almost ending.

Then her sister and her father walked in and all thoughts of rehearsal shmehearsal fled out the church windows.


4 thoughts on “R is for Rehearsal

    • Hey Arlee – I’ve always thought it strange that one had to rehearse getting married 🙂 It should come naturally, right? Thanks for dropping by!


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