O is for OMG! moments

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.



When she looked back at her sister’s wedding (probably in 5 – 10, maybe even 25…ok, more like 30 years), she was positive that the moments she’d remember were the OMG! (Oh-My-Goodnesss/ Gosh) moments.

Moments that defied definition, too incredible for a WOW, too unbelievable for an OH DEAR. And there were many.

Many, many, many.

OMG Moment #1

When her sister asked her to not forget to save the wedding march onto a CD before her flight the next day and she replied with a “What wedding march?” which was when her sister reminded her that it was her job as MOH to have the wedding march CD on hand even if it meant she had to go on amazon and purchase the wedding march, then burn it onto a CD AND a flash drive (in case) 8 hours before her flight leaves.

OMG Moment #2

When the bridesmaid arrived 4 hours before the church wedding due to a delayed flight from Beijing.

OMG Moment #3

When the make-up artist informed the bride that he wouldn’t be able to make it for her wedding, 4 days before her wedding. 

OMG Moment #4

It was 3pm, the time when the bridal party was supposed to be at church but instead the MOH was still getting her make-up done.

OMG Moment #5

When the wedding singer fell into the tub of ice used to keep the beer and soft drinks cold. And couldn’t get out again.

OMG Moment to beat most OMG Moments

When she asked her sister if her future in-laws had bought the paua shells that would be given out as wedding favours and her sister replied “Oh…errr…they told me the paua shells were not bought…” and she nearly went “omg…” but her sister continued “…they went diving to collect the shells instead.”


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