M is for MOH

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


Almost as if this was written about her

When her sister asked her to be a bridesmaid, the first word out of her mouth was ‘Huh???’

Then her sister recapitulated and said “Oh! You can’t be a bridesmaid cos you’re…err…ol…err…mature. Um, I think you’ll be Matron of Honour, can?”

“Matron of Honour is chief bridesmaid who’s married.” She deadpanned. She was on google and read out the definition to her sister.

“So…you’ll be…errr…what are the other designations in the bridal party?” she asked.

“Maid of Honour.”

“Ok! You’re my Maid of Honour then!”

Yippee she thought inwardly. Outwardly, all her sister saw were her teeth.

And thus began her Herculean task of becoming an MOH to a Bridezilla during which she (among other things):

  • supervised the setting up of the wedding canopies, thereby hating canopy setter-uppers forever
  • liaised with the wedding DJ prompting him to announce when the last hotel shuttles would leave and to make sure that the guests paid attention to said announcements
  • ushered supremely drunken guests into the awaiting hotel shuttles and trying hard to be patient even when they kept coming out of the shuttle to hug and thank her for a “Freaking Wonderful Night!”
  • had to collect car keys from guests and drove cars around the temporary parking area so that other cars could get out
  • did basically anything that no one else wanted to do but if left undone would detract from the happy event.

Yups, being MOH was superfun! WHEEEEE!



8 thoughts on “M is for MOH

  1. Was the MOH at my bestie’s wedding. We don’t have the concept of MOH in a traditional south indian wedding; nevertheless my bestie wrote me an emotional letter and asked me to be her MOH and we did all crazy things. Chief party planner, chief search-the-missing-items person, chief coordinator and what not! In the end, it was all worth it! 😀


    • For anyone planning a wedding, I strongly suggest hiring a wedding organiser to do it. They may be expensive but it’ll be for everyone’s sanity and happiness 🙂 And yes, MOH is a full time job plus you’re not allowed to moan and groan about it haha


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