J is for the ‘Just Married’ DIY plate

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


She knew there were many details of her sister’s wedding that perhaps weren’t seen to as closely as it should. She’d purposely hovered on the edges of the wedding preparations – getting just enough information for her to provide minimal input. But not too much that the task would be thrust upon her.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t excited about her sister’s impending nuptials, she was.  She just didn’t think that she should be doing near-to everything when they had umpteens of cousins and her sister’s friends to help out.

Which was why she was happy to hear that her first cousin had taken it upon himself to take charge of coming up with the `Just Married’ plate that they’d attach to the wedding car as it left the church. At least that task was taken care of.

The day before the wedding

She was on her back, underneath the wedding car, trying to see if there was any hook or protrusion she could tie a rope to that would eventually hold the ‘Just Married’ plate that she cobbled together the night before.

Yes, SHE had to cobble it together, no thanks to her cousin who started drinking early and had immediately thrown up by the side of the house and proceeded to slump along the wall and snored.

She wanted to panic, she really did but at the back of her mind, she knew that somehow all these little details would fall splat onto her lap to fix. This too shall pass, this too shall pass she repeated as she scooted out from under her car, sweating profusely, her t-shirt plastered to her body.

MOH duty #3015: Cobbling the ‘Just Married’ plate together at the last minute, tying the cans together and attaching them onto the car after the ceremony but before the wedding couple drives off to the reception. Accomplished.

An almost-exact replica of the 'Just Married' plate she cobbled together for her sister's wedding. Almost.
An almost-exact replica of the ‘Just Married’ plate she cobbled together for her sister’s wedding. Almost.

4 thoughts on “J is for the ‘Just Married’ DIY plate

  1. Hello…I enjoyed your post about the tag. I have been a bride twice and neither time did I have anything like cans or tags tied on to our car. That’s okay, though. I’ve had a great life, so far, in my nearly 80 years. Best regards to you. Ruby


    • Hi Ruby – Thanks for dropping by! I think the ‘Just married’ plate with cans attached are pretty whimsical and fun. I’d love having them on my wedding car next time LOL


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