H is for Hen’s Night

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


She was totally the brown chick in the last panel!

6 months before the wedding

Can u and Eddie organise my hens nite & bridal shower?

She read her sister’s text message and replied as fast as her fingers could type hens nite AND bridal shower? You want both?

Her sister’s response was equally quick. Yup.

Umm…any theme in mind? When she clicked send, she had a suspicion that she’d regret the question.

For the hens nite, I want to have a belly dancer-theme. And the bridal shower, just a nice fancy lunch. 

Ok. Was all she could reply.  

3 months before the wedding

She’d made a list of restaurants that could host the bridal shower lunch and had also asked the owner of the dance studio in the same building as her office about the going rate of a belly dancer.

Ok, I’ve got some restaurant ideas for the bridal shower lunch & I just need to confirm about the belly dancer. She texted her sister.

Bridal shower lunch? I cancelled that idea already.

WHAT???? When?  U didn’t tell me.

Ooops…so many thots in my head abt the wedding. Ya, I cancelled it. So, no more bridal shower lunch. Just hens nite. But I don’t want belly dancer. Can u ask ur dance studio abt burlesque?

2 months before the wedding

How’s the planning for the hens nite? Her phone beeped, a message from her sister.

I think it’s better to have a burlesque class for all the guests before we hit the bars instead of just having the burlseque dancer dance for us. That’s weird.

Maybe cancel the burlesque dancer then. We just go drinking. 

Phew, she thought. Okay. If that’s the case, I’m happy to sponsor the hens nite expenses. My wedding present to you!

Yay! Thanks!

1 month before the wedding

Hey, don’t forget to send me the email addresses of the people you want me to invite for your hens nite! This was the umpteenth time she had had to remind her sister about this.

Ok, ok, I sent you the email addresses already. Don’t forget to invite them for the bridal shower too.

What??? But you cancelled the bridal shower!

But that day you said you could help pay for both.

NOOOOO! I said I’d pay for the hens nite only…

So, you can’t pay for both? 

Sorry, no. She was not gonna be tricked into expensing all these events.

Ok. Nevermind. 

2 weeks before the wedding (1 week before Hen’s Night)

Oh, before I forget. Please get balloons for my hens nite. I want balloons. When will this end? When will this end? Her sister had been messaging her, micro-managing every detail of the Hen’s Night Prep and yet she still wanted it to be a surprise.

Hen’s Night

She’d been on her feet the entire day. Rushing to get the helium-filled balloons and stuffing them into her car. She’d got the requisite Bachelorette sash and also scratch cards which would be used for one of the Hen’s Night games.

And now, they were finally in the bar, drinks in front of them. She’d skip dinner. She was so exhausted. She’d also had to run to two other restaurants to order food to take away and bring into the bar because the bar’s kitchen was closed. An hour into her sister’s Hen’s Night, she fell asleep. And snored.

9 thoughts on “H is for Hen’s Night

  1. Amelia, this is brilliant! I love it. My husband’s daughter’s wedding is in four months. I’m gonna send her (and her dad and her sister) this link. I’m just sure they’re going to laugh out loud, too, like I did. Fantastic job–I’m following!!


    • Hi Patricia – I agree wholeheartedly! The silver lining in living through the drama and anxiety of weddings is that after, you can write about them! 😀


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