F is for Favours

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


Definitely NOT DIY wedding favours

“What about, as wedding favours, we give the guests…bedazzled t-shirts with the words ‘THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING OUR WEDDING!’ Wouldn’t THAT be a great wedding favour??? And we could do them ourselves!!!” said the Wedding Co-ordinator who wasn’t a really a Wedding Co-ordinator but in actual fact  was her sister’s co-worker who decided that her sister needed help to co-ordinate the wedding. She thought of him as the faux Wedding Co-ordinator.

DIY bedazzled t-shirts??? She rolled her eyes. Or maybe her eyes hadn’t stopped rolling since the `gathering’ began almost 30 minutes ago to discuss, according to her sister and mother, one of the most important component of the wedding – favours.

“What about those tiny pillboxes with the glitter and mirrors?” She interjected into the discussion that was now centered on whether to use white or off-white t-shirts to do the bedazzling. Her sister, the faux Wedding Co-ordinator and her mum turned to look at her and glared as if she had suggested instead to give the guests pebbles collected from the stream that ran behind their house. 

“That’s just…it’s just…TOO simple! The guests need to have something from my wedding that whenever they look at it, they’ll remember how unique the experience was and how much fun they had!” Her sister exclaimed after she broke off from the strenuous task of glaring.

Determined to contribute to the discussion, she added “Okay, well, what about seed packets? Different herbs? My friend in Toronto did that for her wedding. And you could add a hand-written note and instructions on how to care for the plants because you know, the seeds, represent your relationship?” If it were her wedding, she would so go with this idea.

“You want the guests who attend my wedding to go home with seeds? SEEDS??? Can you please take this seriously! We’re running out of time!” All right, so obviously HER sister wouldn’t go for this idea.

As the minutes passed and the discussion didn’t seem to be nearing a resolution, she truly couldn’t take all this deliberation about wedding favours that the guests would probably bring home and toss into a corner, forgotten, she blurted out “Maybe we could ask the orang utan rehabilitation centre if they’d allow their orang utans to be adopted by the guests and brought home.”

Again, the trio turned to her and her sister gasped and said, a hopeful tone in her voice “THAT is such a great idea! You think they’d allow it???”


10 thoughts on “F is for Favours

  1. I may sound like the stereotypical guy, but these details were some of the things that drove me nuts. I sat in on the planning meetings and tried to be supportive, but finally snapped. I can’t do it. Thank goodness there are those of you out there who enjoy it.

    Dropping in from A to Z. This is my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist


  2. cute post. we opted for fake prescription of Tied-The-Knot for each guest filled with m&m’s….went a bit overboard ~ printed out individual names and table numbers. etc….crazy (fyi: we both work in healthcare thus the meds)


    • Hey Jules – what a cool wedding favour! Definitely something for any married couple to think about – wedding favours that reflect the couple’s personality.


    • Preferably, one should enjoy the process of planning one’s wedding instead of constantly walking that line of bliss and torture. I wouldn’t be able to hack it too! Thanks for dropping by Trisha!


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