E is for Eloping Eventually

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


Perhaps s donkey would be more cultural-sensitive? Who the heck knows!
Perhaps s donkey would be more cultural-sensitive? Who the heck knows!

She was witness to a wedding that seemed to grow increasingly out of proportion. A week before the wedding and it was beginning to look like a beached whale (No offense to whales worldwide).  Bloated and not particularly nice to look at.

She had never been one of those girls who kept scrapbooks of what their wedding would look like. She didn’t have pages torn out of magazines of the Perfect Cake. Nor did she have illustrations upon illustrations of dream wedding dresses.

What she did know was that when she got married, it would be at a waterfall with a priest (or any other authority qualified to marry two people, she wasn’t too particular) and two of their witnesses and then lunch!

The idea of a conventional wedding had never sat well with her.

She’d seen too many weddings start conventionally only to end up in divorce. Needless to say, the marriage institution was never quite sold to her. Shacking up seemed more practical.

Hence, her decision to elope once her time came. Now the only decision she has to make is – south of Thailand? Or Las Vegas?


13 thoughts on “E is for Eloping Eventually

  1. Vegas!!! True story: My mom married my birth father in a body shop. (that’s a CAR body shop, mind you). The preacher worked there. Yep, that’s pretty normal for my relatives.


  2. I was married by a Justice of the Peace in a courthouse hallway. I loved the idea of a wedding dress but never wanted to take what I felt was a private commitment and turn it into a spectator sport.


    • Hi Elizabeth – Oh! Really??? Good to know that it was an `almost’ and not an actual. I wonder if a stress-free wedding is possible? 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! Happy A to Z!


  3. Ah Eloping! Not sure if I’d consider it. Would like a quiet wedding with loved ones around followed by the wedding lunch. That said, I wouldn’t mind getting married in an exotic location, like Greece or someplace in Switzerland near the Alps 😀


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