D is for Darn Decorations

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


Yes, you can.

“FAIRY LIGHTS!” The Bride exclaimed. “I want FAIRY LIGHTS! NOT fluorescent lights! Get me fairy lights! Not the twinkling kind. I want NON-twinkling fairy lights. I don’t want to have anyone getting a seizure if the lights start twinkling!”

She inched away from the Bride as stealthily as she could and muttered to herself, God, only 48 more hours and little sis will be married. Only 48 more hours. Ommmm….

Who knew that wedding decorations would fuel such heated debate?

She assumed that it was just a matter of picking linens, place settings, throwing a bunch of flower petals on the table, a ribbon here, a big fat bow there and et voila! wedding tent completely decorated.

But apparently, on each table, there had to be two candles with different heights. And these candles had to sit on candle holders preferably made of glass. And the glass candle holders with the candles in them had to be placed on top of small reed place mats. And alongside these candle arrangements, were flower bouquets with white daisies and orchids.

“No pink!” The Bride reminded the florist. The florist meekly nodded her head and jotted down the reminder in her notebook.

Not forgetting the standing fans which she thought was an innocuous object almost caused a showdown between the Bride and mother of the Bride as they “discussed” strategic locations to place them. They couldn’t be placed next to the couple near the main table which seated the bridal party because the Bride worried that her delicately coiffed hair would end up a tornado-induced mess. The fans also couldn’t be placed too near the buffet table because then the food would get cold.

And they haven’t even gotten to church decorations yet.

Lesson: It is advisable to select all wedding decorations at least 1 year in advance and then to do a small-scale mock-up of the venue using the various options of wedding decorations selected. Mock-ups should be done by a competent Wedding Venue Mock-up Creator to ensure accuracy which could help to prevent arguments about suitability of decorations in the venue between the Bride and mother of the Bride. Please check with your Wedding Venue Mock-up Creator if this is applicable.


14 thoughts on “D is for Darn Decorations

  1. lol. remember all these obsessions well. ANd how ridiculous they seemed afterwards, as the wedding came and went in two seconds it seemed….


    • When I read `bride from the underworld’, the image of a werewolf in a wedding gown popped in my head. You know, the Underworld movie with Kate Beckinsale? LOL Thanks for dropping by!


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