B is for Bridesmaid

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Lessons from a Wedding’.


The Perfect Bridesmaid was NOT at her sister's wedding
The Perfect Bridesmaid was NOT at her sister’s wedding

She felt her apple red gel-manicured finger nails press into her palm, her attempt at staying zen, as the Bridesmaid explained why she was bailing out of the wedding reception early.

“I’m so, so, SO sorry but I HAVE to leave! It’s SO late!”

She looked covertly at her wrist watch and saw that it was 9:52pm. Late? Huh.

“I’m so, so, SO exhausted after the 8-hour flight from Beijing and then the connecting flight to GET here. I don’t think I’ll be helping anyone if I stayed cos I may end up fainting! And THAT would surely spoil your sister’s reception. FOR SURE!”

The Bridesmaid gave her a look that was supposed to convey regret at not being able to stay. Instead, the look screamed I’m leaving now so that I can cavort around town and leave you to deal with the mess! Muahahaha!

What she wanted to do right at that very moment was slap the Bridesmaid around, throttle her and drag her skinny frame into the dense jungle for wild animals to find instead she said “Okay, just go.”

She felt like the biggest pushover ever but considering that the Bridesmaid was not there to organise the hen’s night or create the wedding reception playlist or superglued the fake orchids onto their hair accessories, perhaps it’s better that the Bridesmaid not be at the reception any longer as well.

She watched as the Bridesmaid and her plus one sauntered off down the driveway, her laughter tinkling in the humid night. Good riddance, she thought as she gulped down the rest of her champagne.

8 thoughts on “B is for Bridesmaid

    • Hey M: All bridesmaids should go through Bridesmaids Bootcamp where they’ll be drilled on their roles and responsibilities of being a bridesmaid 😉


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