The story that wants to be told now

My intention was to start 2013 either finishing up my Manang story. Or start compiling my AtoZ stories before April 2013 comes around.

But of course, stories tend not to do what they’re supposed to do because another story wanted to be told. A story that parallels what I’m going through right now. And despite the fact that I’d come home so tired from work and just want to lay in bed and sleep. My fingers itched to type and over 2 hours last night, I wrote 5000 words of this story that may be fairly heartbreaking.

At first, I went Another heartbreaking story? I don’t want to write anymore of those! I resisted because writing those stories while it seems that I have an affinity for them, only makes me feel unhappy.

I’ve still got more heartbreak to write into the story but I”m aiming for a happy ever ending for my characters – Chris and Angie – that unfortunately, real life doesn’t mimic.


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