An Early Christmas Gift

Olee, fellow Sarawakian East Malaysian (Thanks for correcting me, Olee! My bad, sorry 😦 ) and writer/ blogger from Olee’s Literary Canvas surprised me quite thoroughly by nominating my blog for Very Inspiring Blog Award. I’ve been sick for the past two days and seeing this made me super happy and errr…less sick 🙂


In order to accept the award, rules have been stipulated:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you – DONE!
  • Post the award image to your page – DONE!
  • Share 7 facts about yourself

Okay, 7 facts about myself…

  1. I used to fence competitively. Fence, as in with swords, or rather the fencing folks prefer to refer to them as foils, epees or sabres. I was fairly bloodthirsty and so preferred the sabre as it made me feel more swashbuckler-ish
  2. I’ve only fallen in love once
  3. I have 15 dresses in my cupboard which I wore to 15 friend’s weddings
  4. I used to sew the clothes I wore to college
  5. My favourite drink is Bailey’s Irish Cream
  6. I’m two-fifths-obsessed with David Gandy (and still cannot believe that he is younger than I am)
  7. I sing ‘one little two little three little indians…’ to calm me down

These folks, in turn, have inspired me so much through their words, their persistence, their presence:

  1. Writing on Writing: Amlokiblogs – for her comments during the April A to Z and also because she’s one of the writer’s that Sharon has always spoken highly of
  2. Ted Mahsun – for his Aprilis stories of which I will always be the #1 fangirl
  3. Taryn Elliott – A writer who is proud to be full of snark and is hilarious as heck

4 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Gift

  1. :] Sonobe, close! I’m Sabahan. But my granddad on my mum’s side is Sarawakian and I did study in Sarawak. So… we’re still basically from the same island. ;D Being a fencer totally made you awesome.


  2. I like this! Thank you for thinking my blog is inspiring. I have had a great year sharing my writing thoughts and ideas with you 🙂

    You never told me you sewed clothes? I’m coming over for lessons now.


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