NaNoWriMo Days 21 – 22: WC 34526


Poor internet connection actually meant more time to write. Though not as many words as I’d like but I’ll take it. I’m crossing my fingers hoping to make up the wordcount over the weekend since it’s the last weekend before the end.

I’ve got a little bit more than 15K words to go and I’m sure that it’s going to be a BIG PUSH all the way.

I admit that the only new element I’ve added in the story is that I killed someone off. Yup, the guy who sells peanuts at the train station where Jools catches the 715am train everyday. I know, I’ve resorted to killing innocent characters 🙂 I’ve also gone back and done a whole bunch of descriptions too, to add to the wordcount.

I’m thinking that I really need to have a huge plot twist in order to write 15K more words to the story – the thought of having a paranormal/ supernatural/ fantastical element has not been ruled out.

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