NaNoWriMo Day 18: WC 30012

That’s pretty much me slumped over my laptop after a day of writing.

I’m pretty sure what I typed to reach my current wordcount is unreadable. Ugh.

It’s Day 18 and I really am amazed at those NaNo-ers who have already crossed the finishing line of 50K because honestly, writing a full length novel is TOUGH!

I feel as if I’ve described every little bit that I can about my characters. I’ve pretty much described their homes and workplaces too. And every conversation they possible could have to get them where they are in the story have been written.

I’m considering adding a paranormal/ sci-fi element to the story just so I can reach 50K. Maybe even make Jools’ many cats secret superheroes. Or maybe make Lesley, her best friend, Jools’ daughter from the future who’s looking out for her mum making sure that her mother and father get together. Or something strange like that.

At this point in the storytelling is where I’m pulling out all the strange and unexpected plot twists just to keep the story going. I may have started writing a romance but it could turn into a mash-up of fantasy/ paranormal/ scifi when Nov 30th comes around. That’ll be real funny indeed.


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