NaNoWriMo Day 16: WC 27112

Approximately 1, 077 words today added to my NaNovel. Today has been such a hectic day that to have those words were miracle in itself.

I still haven’t written that argument scene that I planned to only because I feel that I need a weekend to write it because I hate to go to work with swollen eyes.

And yes, once I write the argument scene that I envision in my head, tears and lots of awful accusations come to mind. Hence, I really, really need to be fortified for that.

The scene that I wrote today focused on Jools’ feelings of loneliness in ever so much detail.

I had to take many breaks in order to get through the scene.

And thank goodness today was such a busy day at work that my characters clamouring for attention didn’t get their own way.

I’m definitely going to go all out this weekend.

Write, write, write.

By the way, songs that have inspired my writing today include Slept So Long by Jay Gordon of Orgy and Sarah Brightman’s Eden. Truly transcendental.


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