NaNoWriMo Day 14: WC 25112

I managed a 2K+ word count today, which brought me to my current word count of 25112 only because of my tyrant boss.

Yes, I made Jools have a tyrant boss too 🙂 Someone who is anti-everything-Jools does. Not so sure how this will be played out, but excited at the way it’s begun.

An excerpt:

On good days, I merely want to wrap my teeny, tiny chopstick-like fingers around Marianne Hastings, my supervisor’s not so slender neck and squeeze tightly until she expires. That’s on good days.

On the bad days, well, I don’t think I can sufficiently articulate the damage I’d like to do to her. But imagine Hannibal Lecter and his activities. Yes, I detest her that much. The weird part is that I’m generally not a violent person.

I’m glad to be slightly past the halfway point. And am super-excited to see what tomorrow brings!

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