NaNoWriMo Day 12: WC 21238

Creative ProcrastinationDay 12 and still the migraine persisted but the words still flowed. I’m at that point when I am almost accepting the fact that I do have a story (maybe even more than one) inside me. If not, the word well would have dried up long ago.

So, I am seeing a light (a teeny, tiny one) at the end of the long, dark and creepy tunnel. As I almost reach the halfway mark to the target word count, I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe 50K isn’t the Everest it seemed at first.

Today’s writing consisted mostly of filling in more details to the chapters I’ve done and also adding new scenes. Among the scenes I’ve added is one where my girl Jools and her BFF Lesley sit down to watch the most B-grade of B-grade horror movies ‘Zombie Squirrels vs. Vampire Bunnies’. This scene actually came about during the F2K chat when TJ threw out the term `zombie squirrelz’ to another F2K-er and suggested he add that into his NaNovel. I, of course, laughed and said ‘Whoa, what a difficult set of words to add to the romance that I was writing.’ And TJ replied ‘Why not?’ Of course, my mind took that as a dare challenge and before I knew it, I had said `Challenge Accepted!’ And that’s how this scene was born. In addition, I had this idea to use this scene as the vehicle for both Jools and Lesley to dissect Jool’s 2nd disastrous blind date. So win-win!


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