NaNoWriMo Days 10 – 11: WC 20067

These are the last 87 words of today’s writing that pushed my NaNovel past the 20K mark.

He walked me to the cupboard in the hallway. I opened it and removed my coat and scarf. The weather was getting cooler. Which was actually my favourite time of year. I closed the door and got a start. Behind it was Cam and he had a grin on his face. “Hey, there almost sis-in-law!” I hated when he called me that and always resisted punching him in the face. But since I didn’t want to get a rap sheet, I held my fists to my side.

I’m surprised it sounds almost-coherent since I was battling fever and a migraine that felt as if dwarves bearing pick-axes were excavating in my head. 

I’m tempted to tell myself that tomorrow shall be a no NaNo day so that my brain can recharge. But I know that if I take a 1-day break, it could easily turn into a 1-week break then before you know it, it’s November 30th and I’m still at the 25K mark. Then I’ll go about emotionally self-flagellating.

So, to say no to emotional self-flagellation…I’ll write, write, write.

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