NaNoWriMo Day 9: WC 16283

More often than not, scenes come to me while I’m driving to or from work. Somehow, getting stuck in traffic, whizzing in and out among cars, is when inspiration often strikes.

If I stop at a light, I’ll whip out my notebook and scribble key words in it. And the minute I’m home, I’ll use those words to craft the scene that played in my head.

Today, it wasn’t traffic that inspired the scene in my head, that made me increase my word count to 16283.

Today, inspiration came in the form of a trip to the supermarket, a surprising text message and Pink’s Try.

The scene that unfolded wasn’t the happiest of scenes but it flowed and the only way for me to not be affected by it was to spill everything onto the page. And so I did.


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