The end of F2K (for now)

Lesson 6 has come. And soon it will be gone.

On one hand, I feel that it’s entirely irrational that I miss the people that I’ve gotten to know through F2K.

But on the other hand, I am silently sad that there is the possibility that I’ll never read the rest of the stories that they’ve shared initially with me in this place.

I believe with my whole heart that once you’ve read someone’s stories, you have a piece of them, whether they want you to have that piece or not.

And so, through F2K, I’ve given away many pieces of me. While at the same time, I’ve taken many pieces from many people.

It’s strange to feel close to people you only know through their characters.

I feel I know them as I know the character that they’ve put through war or through the everyday occurrences that makes their characters crestfallen. I feel betrayed when their characters are betrayed. I search for peace as their characters search for this feeling as well.

F2K: I didn’t expect to be so intertwined with such a community of writers.

But now that I am, I am glad that I am.

Write. Write. Write.

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