NaNoWriMo Days 3 & 4: WC 7232

So, Days 3 & 4 or AKA the weekend didn’t produce as many words as I would’ve liked.

Partially because I spent the better part of the weekend mulling over my final Lesson 6 for F2K. I kept switching the story I planned to write for the Lesson and couldn’t quite focus on my NaNo story.

But now that that’s sorted, I quickly typed away on my NaNo story coasting on the momentum built from my Lesson 6. Yay!

One thing I learnt about myself this NaNo is that I can’t write linearly. It bores me. Which means that I’ve been skipping from chapter to chapter, scene to scene depending on the weather, the music I’m listening to and just my mood.

So, the story so far this weekend: Jools almost moves in with Ethan (finally the professor has a name!) in his 21st floor condo but as she waits for him, she looks around (AKA snoops) and finds something she wasn’t meant to. Curiosity kills the…


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