Creativity Lounge (F2K): Writing Prompt #5

I skipped Writing Prompt #4 only because it stayed in my head and didn’t want to get out. Not a problem with Writing Prompt #5, I pushed it out of my head because I’m a scaredy cat.

In 100 words, write a scary story.

Immediately, one story came to mind. The only problem was keeping to the word count. I managed but not sure if I succeeded.


The hair at the back of my neck prickled. I fought to remain calm; continued walking.

An excruciatingly sweet scent assailed me. I battled the urge to vomit; refrained from looking behind.

The Pontianak, spirit of a woman who died violently during childbirth hovered behind me. I held my hands around my stomach in protection.

Harsh breathing pierced my ears. Sticky, warm on my skin. I recoiled.

I strode faster. The path dark and the winds cold. I shivered.

One more step towards light and safety, I smiled…

…then froze. Cold hands around my throat; extinguishing life.

Goodbye daughter.


Safe to say, I was freaking scared at the end too.

Only because this is a partially true story.


One thought on “Creativity Lounge (F2K): Writing Prompt #5

  1. *shivers*
    I’m scared to read this post.
    Will read it with a happy song playing in the background.

    And then watch an episode of Modern Family.


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